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Cyclone News: Bay Of Bengal ([personal profile] cyclonebay) wrote2016-02-06 06:49 pm

Strong Disturbance

Update: 06-02-2016
Day: Saturday
Time: 04:40pm (UTC 6)
As of Saturday afternoon BST, A strong disturbance has been seen over SE BOB.
It continues to Strengthening!!!
It has formed before 6 days remaining of our forecasted date.
Sorry for not being able to give the actual forecast of this unexpected disturbance...
Forecast: This strong disturbance has enough possibility to intensify into a WML in next 30 hours.
We are keeping focus on it every time.
A clear cut post will be updated tonight at 10pm BST.
Stay with us to get more information about it.
BST= Bangladesh Standard Time
SE= South-East
BOB= Bay Of Bengal
WML= Well Marked Low
Cyclone News: Bay Of Bengal