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Long Range Forecast

Update: 10-01-2016
Day: Sunday
Time: 12:15am BST
Long Range Forecast!
Range: 1 year(355days)
The first time, any page or organization is giving a risky forecast of a whole year!
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We expect accuracy of more than 75%
This year BOB can produce 3 cyclone.
And one of those can develop in mid time of summer.
Other 2 can develop after ending of rainy season to end of 2016 cyclone season.
BOB can produce a number of 7 Depression/Deep Depression,
13 lows(land/sea),
And 9 Disturbance in the whole year.
The first system of 2016 can develop around mid weak of February.
And it can make landfall on Mayanmar.
Though it is not possible to give accurate forecast of a whole year at the same time, it is not our responsibility if it missed out somewhere.
But our expectation is much about it's accuracy.
Cyclone News: Bay Of Bengal
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